Totem Tribe

Totem Tribe

Totem Tribe is a strategy game that brings a good amount of entertainment
4.5  (4 votes)

Totem Tribe is a real-time strategy game. In the game you are Aruku, the leader of the Hawk clan. You must guide this character in order to create prosperity for her people as well as keeping peace in the world. The world is composed of around 20 islands which you will eventually visit. As a strategy game, this one is pretty simple; when you build something, the builders automatically scramble to help. The buildings produce units on their own. Other units such as military ones or scouts move depending of a flag you can set somewhere in the map, although this is a hassle because you might need to divide your army but you can't. For each island, you have a quest to complete. Once you finish the quest, you can move to the next island. This can also be troublesome as you sometimes don't know how to find what you are looking for. In the end, the game provides a good amount of gameplay hours and it is entertaining. Setting aside the minor nuisances, this game is really good. It shouldn't be labeled as a casual game as it is more than that.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good presentation
  • Excellent game play and innovative


  • No save game feature
  • Some minor annoyances
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